The Million Dollar Christmas Countdown

Porsche Design’s answer to the humble advent calendar is an exercise in excess. Famed for their sleek designs, it’s wondrous and slightly perplexing to see the company behaving in such an ostentatious manner. Porsche Design’s advent calendar costs a cool million dollars (approx £618,000) and stands 1.75 metres high – and only one is available on each continent. Each window hides a Porsche Design goodie and for your cool yule million you’ll get a kitchen, speedboat (photographs illustrate the larger objects, obviously), gold sunglasses, running shoes, a P’6910 Indicator Chronograph in rose gold, and cufflinks. Clearly aimed at the man who has everything (apart from a speedboat and kitchen) there’s not a cheap European chocolate in sight.
Available in Europe from Harrods:

Looking Hot

The summer look is hard to achieve – we look to the effortlessly stylish Madrileños for inspiration who ooze elegance whilst holidaying over the hottest months of the year. A washed-out Ralph Lauren polo shirt (with the collar turned up, naturally), sitting-just-on-the-knee crisp cotton shorts, an over-indulgent, over-sized watch, Tom Ford sunglasses and a pair of espadrilles complete our must-have summer wardrobe for the stylish man about town who finds himself at the coolest beachside restaurant.
One of our favourite espadrille companies – and, remarkably, we have a few – is based in the sunny climes of Hertfordshire. Bizarre, we know, but we’ve fallen in love with Espadrille’s Basque-influenced stripes and colour palettes. If you don’t think you can quite carry off the striped look, there’s also a block colour range. We’re currently sporting these sexy Barcus stripes. A bargain at £18 a pair. Order them online:

A Winning Formula

We have an unhealthy obsession with wristwatches here at Resource. One of our favourite brands, Hublot, has just announced a collaboration that has caused a stir of excitement in our offices due to their appointment as Official Watchmaker of Formula 1. The multi-year agreement will see the company produce a range of high-tech, limited edition watches, starting with this, a restricted production of the King Power model which incorporates the F1 logo in white gold. We want one.

6 Things We Love Right Now

1. Japan vs. England

Opening Ceremony is the one-stop shop for fashionistas who want to get their hands on hard-to-find pieces and genius collaborations. One of our favourite pieces is this sublime combination of sharp Japanese tailoring and English classic style. The Barbour x Tokito Driving Jacket is one of five designs from a mini collection which also includes this season’s must-have: the trench.
When in NYC, be sure to stop by the new Opening Ceremony showroom at the super-cool and quirky Ace Hotel in Midtown.
Barbour x Tokito driving jacket, $850
Ace Hotel, 20 W 29th Street, New York City
Tel: +1 212 679 2222

2. A Hot Trunk For Your Junk

We’re a little bit obsessed with luggage here at Resource. One of our favourite shopping experiences on earth is the luggage hall at Selfridge’s. We love to spend an hour (or more) testing each and every case for durability, comfort and ease of wheeling. The latest shiny arrival that caught our eye is the Officer’s Trunk (in size medium) from the Mobilizer NXT Hardside collection by Victorinox. This aircraft-grade, aluminium trolley with a super-comfy grip comes into its own when opened thanks to its trunk-style lid which flips back 180 degrees, meaning your packing can be undertaken with precision. (It’s the only way we pack). And with added extras such as its trademarked Interlok Attach-A-Bag System, you can easily add an additional piece of luggage onto its front. So clever. And oh-so pretty (in a really butch way).
Available from Selfridge’s in the UK

3. The Final Straw

We love these beautifully crafted glass straws, hand blown by Brian Doran that arrive wrapped in a soft leather case. The perfect accessory to add a little something extra to your home bar set-up, you’ll never drink a long, cool G&T without them ever again.
Available from Commune Design

4. On Our Bikes

There’s something a little bit sexy about bike shops – we’re not sure if it’s the smell of the rubber or the shine of light on aluminium and titanium that gets us going. Or maybe it’s the clientele in their tight little lycra outfits. We’re not sure. But what we do know is that bike design is seriously hot right now, and nothing has gotten us as excited about strapping on a hair-do squashing cycle helmet as the Dutch designed Vanmoof. Starting at 398 Euros – which we think is a steal for a piece of functional, beautiful design – Vanmoof’s stripped back city bike is our ride of choice.

5. These Shoes Are The Business

Quite possibly the most eclectic collection of accessories and clothing that we ever had the pleasure of spending our hard-earned on, Maryam Nassir Zadeh shows off its owners’ collective eye for the beautiful and exquisite. Designers such as Awareness and Consciousness, Confettisystem, Phillip Low, Lindsey Thornburg and Three As Four are showcased at this Lower East Side boutique. Show-stoppers for us came in the form of Dieppa Restrepo’s ambiguous, asexual footwear, so beautifully crafted that they’re almost too good for the sidewalks of Manhattan. Other accessory and clothing heaven high points include Haltbar’s mohair cardigans, knotted necklaces by Confettisystem, a steel coloured wrap tanktop by Ohne Titel and handmade wooden arrows by Fredericks and Mae. Although we’re not entirely sure what we’re meant to do with them.
Shoes pictured, L>R: Light Grey Oxford (Elephant) $225; White On White Coca/Cao Oxford $259; Navy On Grey Coca/Cao Oxford $259
123 Norfolk Street, New York
Tel: +1 212 673 6405

6. The Rug Of Love

We’re in the market for some fashion for our flooring. We’ve always been keen followers of The Rug Company’s ever-growing collection of work by some of the art and design world’s most important folk, and we applaud the arrival of Tom Dixon into their talented fold. Bold and graphic – we’d expect nothing less from Mr Dixon – the four-piece collection was launched at last year’s London Design Festival and was inspired by the iconic TV test card.
Office pooch Henry is going to have to find somewhere else to sleep as his derrière will not be allowed near this beauty.

Irreverent Luxury


It’s not often that one can combine beautiful design with quirky motifs, humour and innate style. If just one man can it’s Jonathan Adler. His store was one of our high- and lowlights in our recent trip to Chicago. Why such a downer? Because we couldn’t squeeze a single thing into our already bursting suitcases. Not fair.
Mr Adler is not just a highly talented potter, but also a man with an eye for objéts of sheer beauty and a sharp wit. Basically, we think he’s rather fabulous. Click onto his website for beautiful items for the home, as well as his droll musings. His manifesto includes statements such as: “We believe celebrities should pay full price. We believe dogs should be allowed in stores and restaurants. We believe colors can’t clash. We believe in irreverent luxury.” Hear! Hear!
If you want the bad news, it’s this: his products are incredibly hard to come by in the UK. Shipping is available from the US, but you’ll no doubt have to double the cost of some of the larger items. Any sightings of his beautiful products on these shores, and we’ll let you have them.

English High Summer


We were going to show off the new Melissa Odabash swimwear collection, but as our teeth chatter in the office and our winter woolies are dug out from the back of our wardrobes, our minds are more fixated on the idea of cashmere. It seems that even the low-rent supermarket “fashion” labels are piling cashmere high – and pilling high, no doubt too. While you may be tempted by the rails of this sub-standard cashmere, remember that investing in more expensive versions of the soft stuff means you’ll own a beautifully made piece for years. Lucien Pellat-Finet’s denseley knit sweaters, hoodies, dog jumpers (no, really – our office pooch Henry is a huge fan), gloves and blankets are all about investing in beautiful design and fine quality. Emblazoned with cutesy logos, skulls and even the odd jewel (if you must), Lucien – dubbed the ‘King of Cashmere’ by some journalistic wit – now even offers a design-it-yourself service (well, kind of – you pick the logo and colour, he does the rest) as well as a fabulous gift idea for friends and family who have everything: send in an image and Lucien will turn it into a beautiful cashmere rug. The latest collection sees new luxury additions, including watches (in conjunction with Jacob & Co, natch), beautiful luggage stamped with Lucien’s eye-catching skull logo and leatherware. If you can’t quite stretch to a beautifully fitting sweater, then a bottle of cashmere shampoo – made exclusively for the label – will work wonders on your cashmere collection – we can’t guarantee it will bring a supermarket purchase back to life, however!

A Finger Of Fun

MacBook Air

A sighting of Land Rover’s beautiful LRX distracted us momentarily from Apple’s latest launch: the wafer-thin, super-pretty, size zero MacBook Air. Dubbed ‘the world’s thinnest notebook’, Apple’s latest supermodel has its sights firmly set on the wireless generation. According to its creators, it’s a thin as your index finger, and yet still boasts a bright, crystal-clear 13.3-inch widescreen LED display, a backlit keyboard and a large multi-touch trackpad which steals some clever functions from the iPhone and iPod Touch. One of the machine’s biggest coups is in what it lacks: rather than add a few pounds, the MacBook Air has been built without an optical drive (in other words, there’s no disk drive, for those of still using 80s parlance!). If you must install a DVD or use a CD, then you can do so remotely from your desktop computer (Apple is, quite rightly, assuming that us Macophiles boast two, three, sometimes four kinds of their addictive pieces of kit). Fast, thin and very, very pretty, Apple is very much still strutting its stuff and putting PCs in their place. Do we really need to tell you that we want one?

We Dig It

JCB Phone

Those of us who already own shiny, gorgeous iPhones know that looking after your mobile phone has taken on new critical levels of care. Move all spillable beverages away from the iPhone; do not dump new iPhone into the bottom of handbag/briefcase filled with potential scratching items; do not allow iPhone to be handled by anyone under the age of 18; ask envious friends to please wash and dry their hands before fondling one’s iPhone; place on soft piece of material when putting iPhone down onto hard surfaces; stop wearing diamond earrings so that they do not scratch the iPhone when talking on iPhone; carry the iPhone using only a gentle-but-firm fingertip grip on its outer-most edges. Really. Come on. While we adore Apple’s most covetable piece of kit, our lives cannot be ruled by our mobile phone. However beautiful it is. And so to the iPhone’s antithesis: the mobile made for the anti-iPhone set who see their mobile as – gulp – an essential piece of kit that needs to withstand day-to-day knocks. Appropriately, big yellow digger company JCB have come to the rescue with their JCB Toughphone. Encased in tough rubber and the company’s trademark yellow, the phone has been given an IP54 rating, meaning that it’s shock resistant, dust resistant, splash resistant, drop resistant and can be used in temperatures ranging from minus 20 to 60 degrees Celcius. Handy. As well as being a butch little number, it’s also fully-loaded with gadgetry including Bluetooth, tri-band and built-in speakers. Nowhere near as pretty as the iPhone, and not quite so packed with modern technology, it is, however, pretty darn useful for those of us who just can’t offer the commitment levels an iPhone demands.

Available from Bamford And Sons
Tel: 020 7881 8010

The Look Of Glove


The Resource team boasts some excellent down-hillers. Others, however, prefer the pre- and aprés-ski bits best of all. One thing that we do all agree on, however, is that when heading for the peaks, technically-advanced kit that keeps you toasty and looks the part is a necessity. There’s nothing worse than numb fingers when you’re stuck up a mountain – ski gloves and mittens need to protect, be tough, supple and water-resistant. Alexandra Bennet has been designing gloves for over a decade, and her collection of ski gloves – borne out of her passion for on-the-piste activities – are not only beautiful to look at, but a pleasure to wear. Alexski gloves and mittens are made from the highest grade of English waterproofed kid leather, with an inner Goretex glove and a lining of super-warm possum fur, meaning that not only will you be fully-protected against even the most extreme of elements, but you’ll also cut a dashing figure as you hit the slopes. Available in men’s (in black and chestnut) and women’s sizes (in black, chestnut, pink, powder blue, olive green, red and navy), we’re particularly partial to the sumptuous chestnut brown pair and this statement-making red pair.

Available from:

A Thoroughly Modern Makeover


Traditional, long-standing British companies are having to re-brand and get with it to survive in the cut-throat, claws-out world of fashion. Successful transitions from fusty to fashionista include Pringle, Burberry and Belstaff. Even Barbour have made the move out of the closet of the landed gentry and onto the backs of some of the world’s most stylish celebs. With the brand now boasting its very own ‘Wax Factor’ (their phrase, not ours), the traditional outdoors-y range has been given a thoroughly modern edge – without scaring off the old ladies and shooting brigade. As well as their classic designs, the 100-plus year-old company has introduced a new contemporary collection for men and women, utilising their iconic detailing and fabrics in 21st century fashion statements. A new concession boasting pieces from their contemporary and classic collections is due to open this week at Dobbies World in Cirencester, which includes a rainbow-like display of Hunter wellies. Must-have pieces for fashionistas wanting to muck about in the country!

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