Making A Stand

For the Resource team, travel is not cheap. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege and we feel very lucky to travel and explore the world in the name of our work. One of our greatest and guiltiest pleasures is to turn left on an aircraft – to arrive at one’s destination in style and comfort, feeling refreshed and ready for the trip ahead, is a joy. And while low-cost airlines have enabled international travel for the masses, for us this pile ‘em high attitude to travel cheapens the experience. As the airlines desperately try to scrape profits from their industry, more and more commentators and experts are coming up with ideas to put more bums on seats. And removing traditional seats is an idea being mooted with alarming frequency. While Ryanair’s boss might have raised the idea with his tongue firmly in cheeky, Italian airline cabin design company Aviointeriors has put the ‘Stand Up Cabin’ idea onto the drawing board and come up with the Skyrider concept, creating a pitch measuring less than 23 inches based on the seat of a scooter. And while its inventiveness is to be applauded, if the choice is to travel in comfort or travel standing up, we’d rather wait and save our flying time.
As an antithesis to this high density seating, our review of the marvellous Emirates’ Airbus A380 will be going live soon.

Happy New Year

The team at Resource would like to wish all of our readers, contributors, colleagues, supporters and friends a very Happy New Year. We’re off to Thailand and Dubai for the month of January, to seek out the very best places to eat, stay and shop. Look out for our tweets and updates on our site, and we’ll see you in February with some exciting reviews, a new website (we’ve been working very hard over the last month on an exciting new project) and news from our travels.
Many thanks to our travel partners, including Emirates, Banyan Tree, The Metropolitan, Anantara, Cape Sienna, Zeavola and Jumeirah Private Island.

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