Top 12 Hotels London // London’s finest

What makes a great hotel? Polished service? High-end amenities? Marble-clad bathrooms? A Michelin-starred eatery in its bowels? Super-cool clientele? Location? Technologically-enhanced rooms?

"London's finest hotels"

From a gastropub-with-rooms serving some of London’s finest fodder, to five-star behemoths with hotels all around the world, Resource and friends round up London’s top 12 properties.
Read our round-up and our full reviews here.

"Blakes hotel, world's first boutique hotel"

Top of the Stops // Top 12 London hotels

"gastropub with rooms London"

Have you read our feature announcing our Top 12 London hotels of 2011 yet? We’re adding new reviews every day.

Today, über London Art Director Christian Tate, the man behind the beautifully designed quarterly almanac Delayed Gratification, reviews the Fox & Anchor in Smithfield. Take a look, send us suggestions and share your thoughts on our selection. Read his review here. See our top 12 in full here.

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