¡Viva Ibérica! // Ibérica opens its second restaurant in Canary Wharf

"Iberica Spanish restaurant"

Rachel Seed heads out east for a truly authentic taste of contemporary Spanish cooking, courtesy of Executive Chef Nacho Manzano and his team at Ibérica Canary Wharf. Read the review in full here.

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All The Young Turks // Restaurants In Residence

Secret supper clubs and pop-up restaurants are all the rage on the foodie scene, and thanks to Restaurants In Residence, Canary Wharf dwellers will be able to experience the cooking of some of the capital’s hottest young chefs in a secret location somewhere on the island.

Running until 23 July, first up are The Young Turks (pictured above), courtesy of The Clove Club. James Lowe and Isaac McHale take to the stove, serving up unusual and carefully sourced ingredients. Local produce rules where possible, including elderflower and fennel picked in Bow, partnering beautifully with lemon sole. Loganberries, cucumber flowers, tomatoes and marjoram are from Kent, as are the applewood chippings for their drum grill used to cook the beef.

Next in the kitchen are A Little Of What You Fancy’s chefs, now a Dalston institution, followed by Claire Roberson and Jonathan Woolway from Shacklewell Nights. Last up, Bethnal Green favourite Bistrotheque will be celebrating the 80s in style.

The venue is top secret. All we know is it will be in Canary Wharf, it holds 80 covers and will be torn down after the event. It works like this: pay £45 for up to a six-course meal (a choice of standard or vegetarian), the seating is unreserved so you have to book together if you want to sit together, there are no tickets, you get an email confirmation, then one week before the meal (or the performance as it’s called), you will receive confirmation of the location by email.

Our advice is to book quickly: Sunday lunch on the 3rd is already fully-booked. One of the hottest culinary tickets in town this summer.


Making A Stand

For the Resource team, travel is not cheap. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege and we feel very lucky to travel and explore the world in the name of our work. One of our greatest and guiltiest pleasures is to turn left on an aircraft – to arrive at one’s destination in style and comfort, feeling refreshed and ready for the trip ahead, is a joy. And while low-cost airlines have enabled international travel for the masses, for us this pile ‘em high attitude to travel cheapens the experience. As the airlines desperately try to scrape profits from their industry, more and more commentators and experts are coming up with ideas to put more bums on seats. And removing traditional seats is an idea being mooted with alarming frequency. While Ryanair’s boss might have raised the idea with his tongue firmly in cheeky, Italian airline cabin design company Aviointeriors has put the ‘Stand Up Cabin’ idea onto the drawing board and come up with the Skyrider concept, creating a pitch measuring less than 23 inches based on the seat of a scooter. And while its inventiveness is to be applauded, if the choice is to travel in comfort or travel standing up, we’d rather wait and save our flying time.
As an antithesis to this high density seating, our review of the marvellous Emirates’ Airbus A380 will be going live soon.

Looking On The Bright Side

Concept hotels, as a rule, don’t usually get us very excited. Usually very of-the-moment, chances are the shine will fade quickly. However, we’re willing to put this aside just this once, as we’re loving The PANTONE Hotel’s colourful USP.
PANTONE Inc is the company that was responsible for revolutionising the graphic design world with itsPANTONE Matching System, allowing designers to accurately reproduce colours onto the products they were creating. Since then, the company’s colour guides have been used to produce an array of accessories including mugs, bags, shoes and even bikes, thanks to the PANTONE UNIVERSE concept.
Taking this branding one step further, The PANTONE Hotel in Brussels, designed by Michael Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, is colour coded for its guests – with some floors decked out in ‘vivid’, ‘vibrant’, ‘intense’ or ‘tranquil’ colour schemes. All rooms boast luxurious beds, flat-screen TVs, great views of the city, while the hotel is basking in having the bar of the moment, thanks to its rooftop terrace with stunning views. You can even sup on a PANTONE coded cocktail: ours is a Lemon Drop PANTONE 12-0736, if you’re asking.
1 Place Loix, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 541 48 98

Happy New Year

The team at Resource would like to wish all of our readers, contributors, colleagues, supporters and friends a very Happy New Year. We’re off to Thailand and Dubai for the month of January, to seek out the very best places to eat, stay and shop. Look out for our tweets and updates on our site, and we’ll see you in February with some exciting reviews, a new website (we’ve been working very hard over the last month on an exciting new project) and news from our travels.
Many thanks to our travel partners, including Emirates, Banyan Tree, The Metropolitan, Anantara, Cape Sienna, Zeavola and Jumeirah Private Island.

Kyoto Calling


Chris, our Art Director, is eating his way around Tokyo, Kyoto and Hong Kong over the next couple of weeks. He’s already hit the ramen and sushi joints of Tokyo, and is currently in Kyoto where he’s off on a cycling and food tour of the city tomorrow. Having barely set foot in the place, he’s already managed to discover an excellent local restaurant serving the specialty dish of “Shabushabu – very thinly-sliced, highly marbled Wagu beef which you dip into a big bowl of boiling water with lots of onions, tofu, rice cake, glass noodles and mushrooms. In the time it takes to say ‘shabushabu’ three times it’s done – delicious!” And to prove the provenance of the highly-regarded Wagyu beef, the restaurant even displays the cow’s family tree outside: complete with nose print (in the bottom left-hand corner)! There’s a clutter of these restaurants on Hanamikoji-dori, in the Gion district of the city – a tourist trap for Japanese visitors, so the food is excellent.


Utah Saint


It’s not often that we’re floored by the sight of a new hotel opening. Even in the current market we’re bombarded on a daily basis with invitations to visit new properties around the world: from five-star grande-dame hotels given the modern makeover, to quirky boutique bolt-holes with award-winning spas.
However, the latest property from the lauded Amanresorts group, Amangiri, stopped us in our tracks. It wasn’t just the awe-inspiring setting that caught our breath, but also the incredible design and architecture which manages effortlessly to bring the stunning, expansive 200 million-year-old desert backdrop into each of its stunning suites.
Sitting where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet, Amangiri is ideally located for daytrips out to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the Colorado River. We doubt, however, that even a Wonder of the World could drag us from our luxuriously-appointed suite or, indeed, from the 2322-square-metre Aman Spa with its treatment ‘venues’. Nor will the Dining Room’s locally-sourced, seasonal menu and cellar of 900 wines do much to lure you away from Amangari; and with its dramatic views, the Pavilion – the centerpiece of the hotel – is the ideal place to while away even more hours, with a beautifully-mixed drink in hand, eyes skyward as you try to spot an endangered California condor swooping overhead. The pool area, too, acts as the perfect distraction from the outside world, as it wraps itself around a giant rocky outcrop and beckons you to its hot tub. The most gorgeous hotel opening we’ve seen this year, and the ultimate oasis escape.

By plane: Amangari is a 25-minute drive from Page Municipal Airport, Arizona. Great Lakes Airways operate direct flights from Denver and Phoenix. The airport has full service facilities for private aircraft.
By car: four-hour drive from Phoenix, five hours from Las Vegas, six hours from Salt Lake City.
Prices start from £372 per night, which includes complimentary transfers
For more information contact: www.amanresorts.com


In The Club


With facilities this good, you won’t want to get on your flight – even if your flight involves a fully-flat bed, Virgin’s glamorous stewardesses tending to your every need and entertainment on demand (unless you fly to Chicago – why?).
Being the old-fashioned kind of flyer, we see each trip as an expedition. An adventure. An occasion. We’re not bored by travel – unless you make us fly Ryanair. So, we dress accordingly. No Abercrombie baggie sweats and scuffed-up sneakers for our travel team: we dress up, we dress smart, we pack our cashmere PJs to change into once we’re up in the air (and have quaffed a glass of Champagne) and we’re ever-so lovely to the check-in staff and the team on-board.

For us, one of the finest things about flying Virgin Atlantic is the Clubhouse: the lounge to redefine all lounges. Where Virgin have led, the other key airlines have scrambled to follow and years after its inception it’s the still the king of Heathrow.

Before our last flight from LHR we started off with a fine breakfast  – eggs Benedict and a sky-high stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup washed down with great coffee. Once the caffeine had kicked in we headed to the beautiful bar area, with its cheeky and charming mixologists who tried to push cocktails on us at 10 in the morning – boy, are these guys persuasive. Had we been feeling really naughty, we’d have definitely have opted for a Virgin Redhead: fresh muddled raspberries and berry liqueurs shaked with Bombay Sapphire and finished with the house Champagne. After much arm twisting, however, we decided to sup a beautifully chilled glass of Lanson Black Label Champagne before heading over to the Cowshed for a manicure – despite the Clubhouse being busy, there were plenty of slots free.

At every turn we were confronted with friendly, super-efficient staff – warm, knowledgeable and, something so rare these days: fun. As the tannoy kicked in and announced that our flight to Chicago was ready to board we sighed heavily, finished off the remnants of our third glass of bubbly and dragged our heels all the way to our Upper Class seats.

Head there in the coming months and make sure you try their 25th anniversary specials, including prawn cocktail, duck à l’orange and Black Forest gateau. Genius.

Best thing: Apart from the free-ness at every turn? The food is excellent for an airport. The addition of Babington House’s Cowshed spa and a Bumble & Bumble hair salon is inspired. Spacious. Comfortable seating. Helpful staff. Free Wifi. And fresh bread from Daylesford Organic’s bakery in the Cotswolds every morning.
Worst thing: That we couldn’t have checked in the day before to make use of all of the facilities.


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