Makes Ours A Large One // The Cinnamon Club Cocktails

"Vivek Singh's Cinnamon Club"

With winter taking its grip on the Capital, we’re looking for beautiful places in which to warm our bones. One of our favourite venues for a hot drink on a dark night is The Cinnamon Club – a stunning restaurant set in the old Westminster library famed for its contemporary Indian cooking. But it’s not just the food that’s been currying favour with connoisseurs of food and drink. Head mixologist Salvatore D’amico’s fiery new drinks menu has been causing something of a stir. New cocktails include Don’t Mess With Naga, which combines tequila, caramel liquor (wow), lime juice, green pear syrup and Naga Bitter (an outrageous muddling of eight-year-old Bourbon and Naga chillies, which are the world’s hottest). Decide on how daring you’re feeling and watch as your barman administers the chilli essence drop by drop. Another favourite of ours – if you’re buying – is the Golden Brown, mixed from Martell VS, apricot shrub, lilly liquor, a splash of Cynar and topped off with a gold leaf. The Glorius Day, served in a wonderfully retro pewter mug, is another winner on the menu (pictured above). Better still, you can wash these concoctions down with some of Executive Chef Vivek Singh’s bar snacks – small and large plates perfect for sharing and soaking up the expertly mixed booze.
The Cinnamon Club, The Old Westminster Library, 30-32 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BU
Tel: 020 7222 2555 

Making A Stand

For the Resource team, travel is not cheap. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege and we feel very lucky to travel and explore the world in the name of our work. One of our greatest and guiltiest pleasures is to turn left on an aircraft – to arrive at one’s destination in style and comfort, feeling refreshed and ready for the trip ahead, is a joy. And while low-cost airlines have enabled international travel for the masses, for us this pile ‘em high attitude to travel cheapens the experience. As the airlines desperately try to scrape profits from their industry, more and more commentators and experts are coming up with ideas to put more bums on seats. And removing traditional seats is an idea being mooted with alarming frequency. While Ryanair’s boss might have raised the idea with his tongue firmly in cheeky, Italian airline cabin design company Aviointeriors has put the ‘Stand Up Cabin’ idea onto the drawing board and come up with the Skyrider concept, creating a pitch measuring less than 23 inches based on the seat of a scooter. And while its inventiveness is to be applauded, if the choice is to travel in comfort or travel standing up, we’d rather wait and save our flying time.
As an antithesis to this high density seating, our review of the marvellous Emirates’ Airbus A380 will be going live soon.

What A Carry On


What to pack, how to get to the airport, what to wear and how to make sure your trip – whether it’s business or pleasure, or a delicious mixture of the two – is stress-free and one to remember.
As you may have guessed, we love to travel at Resource. Despite the low-cost airlines trying to take the fun out our favourite pursuit, we’re very old-fashioned in our thinking when it comes to globetrotting. Whether it’s a cheeky weekend away to the Continent or a far-flung adventure, we like to travel in style and without stress. Here are just a few of things we do before departure to make sure our journey is glamorous and trouble-free… CLICK HERE for the article in full.

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