Gotta Keep Up

Check out our Editor Lisa’s profile on and follow her for social media commentary, links to new editorial as and when it happens, London recommendations, and live commentary on X Factor (that’s not in her official capacity, we hasten to add!). Here’s Lisa’s profile (can you tell that she’s had to write a lot of these?): “Blah, blah, writer, blah, blah, social media expert, blah, blah, editor, blah, blah, copywriter, blah, blah, hugely experienced, blah, blah, hire me.” via Lisa Richards.

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A new kind of magazine for Gloucestershire


resource (ree-sawrs) noun
A source of supply, support or information, espc. one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.

As the name suggests, the magazine is an invaluable source of up-to-date information on all that is stylish and desirable. We offer an insiders’ look at the hottest trends in fashion, travel, property, gastronomy and health and beauty, exploring and informing on the best that Gloucestershire has to offer, as well as bringing you the latest must-know lifestyle news from around the globe. Content is informative, intelligent, irreverent.
We work with only the best – never buying-in editorial, we work with an international team of freelancers and experts, ensuring a fresh and diverse perspective, stunning visuals and content that reflects the lifestyle needs of our discerning readership.

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